'Censored' Content Troubleshooting Guide for Xbox One

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Most Big Ant games include an Academy - from here you can create, share and download thousands of user created players, equipment, venues, logos and more. However we restrict User Generated Content to ensure that offensive words are not shown to players and to allow parents to control what their children see while playing games. 

Below is a guide to allow you to set up your console to allow full access to the sharing server content and avoiding unwanted 'Censored' players/content. 

Check accounts for content restrictions

Any accounts that are signed in to the Xbox One console will trigger their content restrictions, regardless of if they are signed into a controller. Ensure only the accounts you want to play the game are signed in.

  • Press the Xbox Button and press LB four times to reach the sign in section
  • Select 'Switch Profile' and note users that are listed as 'Signed in'
  • If there are accounts that may be restricted, either sign them out, or select them and follow the steps below to verify content restrictions
  • Press the Xbox button and press RB three times to reach the 'System' menu and select 'Settings'
  • Select 'Account' and select 'Privacy & online safety', then select Xbox Live privacy
  • If set to 'Adult defaults', no settings need to be changed. If set to other settings, select 'View details & customise'
  • Then select 'Game Content'
  • Under 'You can see and upload community creations', select 'Everybody'

Censored content while playing online

When playing online, a number of factors determine whether the content is censored.

  • The censorship settings of the console.
    • If your opponent sees their own content as censored, they will send that over the network censored - regardless of your account's content settings.
    • If any of the accounts signed into your console have user generated content restrictions, that will also limit when playing online
  • Playing with content that has not been shared. 
    • If you or your opponent is using content (such as a player or team) created locally, they will be censored for the other player until they can be checked for profanity
    • Open the Academy and locate the piece of content you are using that is appearing censored or you created.
    • Under the 'Identity' section, press the button for Check For Profanity, this will be on either Y or X depending on game.
    • If this completes without error, the content will be valid for online use, unless modifications are made to it.
    • If there is a large amount of content, such as a team, or a venue full of logos, uploading that to the sharing server will check all associated content.
    • Use the 'My Community' section of the Community to check your uploaded content - if it is viewable without censorship when you search for it, then downloading it will validate your local copy for online usage.
  • Existing downloaded team/player censorship
    • If any content used was censored when downloading, it will remain censored. Try downloading an updated version from the academy, or editing it to remove the censored terms, and use the 'Check for Profanity button to validate it.
    • Content containing rude/inappropriate names will remain censored regardless of settings. If you believe this has occurred by mistake, select the 'Report' option on the piece of content and select 'Should Not Be Censored' as the report reason

Further Reading

For information on Parental Control settings, see the guide to Xbox One online safety and privacy settings for parents and kids from Microsoft

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