'Censored' Content Troubleshooting Guide for PS4

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Most Big Ant games include an Academy - from here you can create, share and download thousands of user created players, equipment, venues, logos and more. However, we restrict User Generated Content to ensure that offensive words are not shown to players and to allow parents to control what their children see while playing games. 

Below is a guide to allow you to set up your console to allow full access to the sharing server content and avoiding unwanted 'Censored' players/content.

Ensure all profiles on the console are logged in to the PlayStation Network

All local users and PSN accounts that are not logged in default to the highest level of censorship, this is the case even if a controller is not assigned to a user.

  • Log out all users for Non-PSN accounts
    • On the PS4 Home screen, press up on the D-Pad and select 'Power'
    • Select 'Switch User', and switch to any user that is listed as 'Logged In' but is not associated with an Account on PSN
    • Select 'Power' again, and this time select 'Log Out' to sign out that profile
    • Repeat this until all accounts that are Logged In are signed in to PlayStation Network
    • If you are unsure if an account is connected to PSN, select them, then from the Home Screen, press up on the D-Pad and select 'Profile'. If the profile screen prompts you to sign in to PlayStation Network, they will need to be either logged out, or signed in to PSN.
  • Sign in to PSN with any PSN accounts
    Note: This must be done while connected to the internet, however if you are disconnected from the internet, your account will remain signed in for a period of time while offline, provided you have not selected to 'Log Out' of PSN.
    • Before launching the game, ensure that it does not say 'Sign in to PlayStation Network and view the latest information for this application.'
    • If you do see this message, press up on the D-Pad and select 'Profile'. This will prompt you to sign in, complete the process and ensure your account connects successfully and then exit and see that the message disappears.
    • Repeat this for any other accounts signed in.
  • Add PSN accounts for any additional players
    • If playing local multiplayer, each controller will need their own account that is logged in to PSN.

Check content restrictions for Limited/Child Accounts

If accounts on your PlayStation 4 have been set up with content restrictions, you may need to adjust those settings to allow full access to Community content. 

  • Sign in to PlayStation 4 with the Parent Account associated with the child account
  • Press Up on the d-pad from the home screen and select 'Settings' then select 'Parental Controls/Family Management'
  • Select 'Family Management' and select the account you wish to manage
  • Under 'Parental Controls' select 'Applications/Devices/Network Features'
  • Scroll to 'Viewing Content Created by Other Players', select this and choose 'Allowed'

Select 'Learn More' from this screen to read more about the content restriction options available.

Censored content while playing online

When playing online, a number of factors determine whether the content is censored.

  • The censorship settings of the console.
    • If your opponent sees their own content as censored, they will send that over the network censored - regardless of your account's content settings.
    • If any of the accounts signed into your console have user generated content restrictions, that will also limit when playing online
  • Playing with content that has not been shared. 
    • If you or your opponent is using content (such as a player or team) created locally, they will be censored for the other player until they can be validated by the sharing server.
    • Uploading the content to the sharing server will place it in a queue to be validated for censorship. This is usually done within an hour, but can take up to 24 hours.
    • Use the 'My Community' section of the Community to check your uploaded content - if it is viewable without censorship when you search for it, then downloading it will validate your local copy for online usage.
  • Existing downloaded team/player censorship
    • If any content used was censored when downloading, it will remain censored. Try downloading an updated version from the academy
    • Content containing rude/inappropriate names will remain censored regardless of settings. If you believe this has occurred by mistake, select the 'Report' option on the piece of content and select 'Should Not Be Censored' as the report reason

Further Reading

For information on Parental Control settings, see this guide from Sony regarding Parental Control setup, and this document About restrictions.

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