If you're playing on Nintendo Switch and are encountering errors while playing one of our games, the following steps may assist in troubleshooting your issue.

1) Restart your console:
* Hold the power button in for around 5 seconds 

* From the menu that appears, select 'Power Options'

* Select Restart

2) Ensure you are running the latest version of the game:
* Go to the Switch home screen.
* Highlight the game you're playing and press the + button

* Select "Software Update"

* Select "Via the internet"

3) Ensure your Switch system software is up to date:

* Select "System Settings" on the home screen
* Select "System"
* Select "System Update"

4) Clear your Switch cache:

* Select "System Settings" on the home screen
* Select "System" then "Formatting Options"
* Select "Clear Cache"
* Select the user you'd like to clear the cache for, then follow the on-screen instructions
* Launch the game


If you are still experiencing the issues after trying the steps above, contact support with as much information as you have regarding when the problem occurs.